Songs and lyrics

Age of StoneDoes everybody come here, to your silent field of shiny crows playing . . . 3:55
Fire for the WaterEmbers rise into the dark and then Swirl and kiss and are never seen . . . 4:32
Grandma (1955)I measure out her sugar, a little extra for the spoon Here's another . . . 3:05
I Can Keep a SecretI can keep a secret I'm the best there is That's why lovers love me And . . . 3:19
I Missed the RevolutionThe duchess and the duch, they're all out the back, Calling pussy pussy . . . 2:13
InventionI've been waking very early and with urgent despatch You can feel so . . . 3:54
Last ExitI'm holding my breath Just to see how it feels To be all rushing from . . .
Love Love Love Love LoveWhen they tightened the screws And dotted the lines, Pulled back the . . . 3:08
Memories of a PlastinateTime is motion, motion is money Muscles take time to move Beer and . . . 3:40
The Long DanceThe little king is rising, Looking sideways for a wing to beat, Leaning . . . 2:35
The PainterMeet me in the square I'll be wearing coloured flecks in my hair Buy me . . . 3:44
The Plastic WoodsmanGo into the woods, there, you'll find you some trees That harbour the . . . 3:09
The Sky GroundwardsAll the ghosts in this vessel Frightened of dying All the words on the . . . 3:06
TwistAre my eyes too open, in the wrong direction? Are my wounds too token, am . . . 3:02
We Were Never NakedThose who were just standing Were thought to be insane By those who . . . 3:56
When the King FallsWhen the king falls We'll weep the tears that ought to be wept We'll . . . 3:05

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